Radical Expansion
(adjective) rad·i·cal

(especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.
(noun) ex·pan·sion

a thing formed by the broadening or development of something.
Radical Expansion is all about growing and developing the fundamental nature of who YOU are.

If you know your mindset has been too stuck, for too long, and you're tired of being the only one in your own way...

This program is for you.
Do you ever find yourself feeling....
You're in the right place.
Friend, mindset is EVERYTHING. 

If you are struggling with mindset, then you are in your own way.

You need to EXPAND your mindset, in order to change your life.

Here's what you'll get in this four week mindset program, with yours truly!
Benefit #1

Weekly Group Call
Benefit #2

Weekly Group Q&A Call
Benefit #3

Healthier Relationship with Your Highest Self
Benefit #4

3 Bonus MasterClasses
I am so excited to be able to offer you this program, because I have created it specifically to equip you with the information and skills you need in order to make the changes you are looking to have in your life.

The key to this program is information, connection, and support.

You will be guided through this program by me, a trained therapist and life coach with over a decade of experience leading people through these exact changes.

You will be connected and supported, learning and growing alongside other group members, and cheering each other on along the way.

Humans thrive through connection - this is a foundation for growth.
And you can start right now!
Radical Expansion
Here's what I know.
People struggle with mindset....


Mindset literally is the thing shaping the way we move through the world. 

It colors our perspective...
 influences our relationships and beliefs...
 and it directly impacts the way we view ourselves and the world around us.

If you have been struggling with understanding who you are, or how to get in touch with your voice...
If you feel stuck in a cycle of unhealthy, toxic, or expired relationships...
If you're not making progress on goals...
If you want to feel better about yourself and proud of the life you're leading...

This program is for you! 
Are you ready to change your life by transforming your mindset?
One of the major things that stood out to me is how much Kelly practices everything she preaches. Everything from being intentional about each step to take, understanding the solid why, practicing self discipline, all while completely loving and supporting yourself. She is the solid female figure you wish you had when you were younger— the big sister and mentor— who encourages you to think critically about your why and helps you shape your how.  
A.U. - California
I have had the privilege of working with Kelly and learning to make changes in my life through her guidance and encouragement. Kelly is full of knowledge and wisdom and I appreciate her direct communication and approach to helping me with my goals. Kelly has many strengths, but the one I love the most is her ability to listen and help me understand what is deep in my core as it relates to creating the life I want. She embodies resiliency, strength, determination, kindness, honesty, and compassion, all which I aspire for in my life and through her coaching, I have been able to create more of these traits in my own life.
A.A. - North Carolina
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
When You Register, Here's What You Receive:
  • ​Access to secret Facebook community, surrounded by like-minded and growth oriented women.
  • Weekly Zoom calls, where I will teach to the entire group one main theme for each week.
  • ​Weekly Zoom q&a calls, where I will answer to any challenges, questions, curiosities, and provide clarifications for topics you find coming up for you.
And These Bonuses!
  • ​​You will receive not one, but THREE masterclasses, over the course of the entire program, along with PDFs specific to the topic of each class, valued at $697.
  • ​You will be able to schedule a private, one on one call with me to address one specific issue you want to get laser focused on, valued at $997.
That's OVER $1500 in bonuses... FREE!
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)
The Possibility for change is constant...
You just need to choose you.
FOR ONLY $497!
So, what happens when I sign up?
You will immediately be placed into the next available group, which begins on the first of every month. Each group is a closed group with a size limit, which means that once it's full.... it's full. This helps to limit the size of the group, making it a more intimate and personal experience, which supports the process of change.

You will be notified of when your group will begin, and will be placed into the secret Facebook group. In addition, you will be provided with all materials and instructions needed, in order to begin in the group in the best way possible.
Is there a guarantee?

I am certain of my ability to help all people move through the process of change.
I also know - nothing changes, if nothing changes.
 That's my guarantee.

You are here to invest in yourself, which means putting in the work, allowing yourself to be challenged, giving yourself permission to feel uncomfortable, and getting outside your comfort zone.

I will show you the way, and you have to be willing to walk with me.
What’s next?
Click the button below to submit the application for The Expansion Program, and I will reach out to you within 24-48 hours.

And then... BREATHE.

This is an investment in YOU.

You are WORTHY.

You have PERMISSION to live your best life,
and this is the first step in moving towards that.

I'm excited to work with you!
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