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I started my first business, a therapy practice, in 2014. After my marriage crashed and burned, life imploded, and I returned from a two year soul quest for my version of a life reset button, I decided to start a coaching business – this business of The Unapology Project – because I knew there were so many more women walking this globe with stories similar to mine. Stories of being lost, feeling unworthy and unloved, who had no idea who they were because they were too busy failing at things which were never meant for them.

Here’s where you come in.

I help women to define and claim an identity they are proud of, learn how to use their voice unapologetically, and proudly run their lives like the Queen that they are.

I have figured out the secret to the reset button, and I want to share it with you.

It is so unbelievably, ridiculously possible to be your ballsy, inspired, brilliant, and exceptional self…. And all it takes is some grit, solid honesty, and the willingness to take a chance.

You can be an unf*ckwithable, joyful woman – I promise you she’s already in you.

Let me show you how to unleash your inner warrior into the world, and go claim everything you deserve.


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'Kelly’s approach is different to most life coaches and that’s what creates results. She is direct, fair and her tough love approach is what helps to keep me accountable to my goals.' 
"Don't follow the path.
Go where there is no path, and begin the trail."
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How Can Coaching Help?
You may be wondering 'what can coaching help me actually change?'

By investing in yourself, you will be choosing to prioritize YOU, in a way which you may never have before.

Coaching is an incredible step towards creating your Best Life!


When's the last time you remember prioritizing yourself? I will hold you accountable to loving yourself well through sleep, diet, exercise, and soul care. When we do this well, we show up well for others.


Change your language, and you will literally change your mind. You will be challenged to shift the way you perceive your world, in order to shift how you respond to it.


Through one on one work with me, I will support you in building your own network of like minded change-makers who will challenge you to thrive.
Coaching is an investment in defining and becoming your best Self. 

You are worth the investment.
'One of the major things that stood out to me is how much Kelly practices everything she preaches. Everything from being intentional about each step to take, understanding the solid why, practicing self discipline, all while completely loving and supporting yourself. She is the solid female figure you wish you had when you were younger— the big sister and mentor— who encourages you to think critically about your why and helps you shape your how.'
"Do not be afraid to live, to run after your dreams.
Be afraid to stand still."
Are you ready to say YES to your F*ck YES Life?
If you are ready to say Yes to writing your story...
If you are ready to say Yes to owning an identity you are proud of...
If you are ready to say Yes to growth and thriving...

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