Meet Kelly
Toxic relationships.
Food addict.
No self-worth.
Faking it.


I was down, and Life was kicking me…..


Until I learned how to kick back.

Everything changed in 2014. My life literally upended. My daughter was a year and a half old, and I walked out of my abusive marriage with her in one arm and a suitcase in the other, leaving my life of almost ten years behind. To say I was in a dark place would be an understatement. Starting over was the only acceptable option, and I was searching for my re-set button.
I had to stop pretending, and own why ended up where I was.
I picked up my life, and started rewriting my story.

Over the next three years, I slowly took control back. I had started a private psychotherapy practice, and transitioned out of my community mental health position and into my practice full time. I built it into a thriving one woman show, and nurtured a professional reputation I finally felt proud of. In my personal life, I literally and figuratively cleaned house. 

I ended the toxic relationships (including my marriage) which had become so exhausting. I bought a home – my home – and got rid of all the possessions which no longer served a purpose in the life I was trying to build. I lost 30+ pounds, became a life coach, personal trainer, and certified nutrition coach. I found ways to nurture a healthy relationship with my body, once and for all. I made more money in my private practice than I ever made working in community mental health, and realized I could be a thriving business owner as long as I put my mind to it. 

I stopped apologizing for failing at trying to live up to a story which was never meant for me.

I became a decision maker in my life again.

I dug deep, and learned how to lean into my inner badass.
It wasn’t, and still isn’t, always easy.

But to be operating on integrity, being authentic, and owning my story…

It is always worth it.

I am now living my ‘fuck yes’ life.
My best life.
Constantly growing.
Always authentic.

Here's to being Unapologetic for my story.

Write your Story, be Unapologetic for it.
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